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Carrying Cases

Nothing aggravates a person more than getting out in the field and discovering you don’t have all the equipment you need for the job. By storing your equipment in our carrying cases, you can keep everything together and have a convenient way to haul your equipment to the field.

  SKU Product Our price
SKU19165 PN112 Deluxe Case for 34 inch Auger Extensions & Backsaver Handles US$360.31
SKU1015 PN114 Deluxe Case for Backsavers or 45" Extensions US$377.75
SKU19147 PN115 Deluxe Case for Backsaver N-3 Handles US$446.57
SKU16243 PN118 Standard Case for Backsavers or 45 inch Extensions US$128.15
SKU16169 PN159 Deluxe Heavy Duty Case for Sub-Soil Probes US$840.26