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Liners & Spacers (Zero Tubes)

Replacement liners for JMC Zero Contamination Tubes are available in clear plastic or stainless steel versions.

Plastic liners:

  • cost less.
  • will flex so that unloading a sample is easier.
  • may be cut with a carpet knife to unload saturated clay samples.
  • also may be cut to shorter lengths as desired.

Stainless steel liners:

  • are far more durable than plastic. Can be reused many times.
  • satisfy the most stringent sampling protocols.
  • do not flex. Unloading some saturated samples may be very difficult.
        (We recommend using the shortest liner you can.)
  • can not be cut to shorter lengths in the field.

Spacers allow you to use shorter liners in your sampler.
    For example, to take 6 inch samples with a JMC 12 inch Zero Contamination Tube you will need one 6 inch liner and one 6 inch spacer.

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