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N-Tracker Sampler

N-TRACKER is a management tool designed for N Management Systems to inventory, track, and verify plant-available N in the soil. N Management Systems hedge the risk of N loss by splitting up the N application following the 4Rs of Nutrient Management (Right source, Right rate, Right time, and Right place). It is all about Minimizing environmental impact by Optimizing harvest yield, and Maximizing nutrient utilization. For additional information Click Here As part of the protocol, soil samples need to be gathered from the top 12 inches as well as the 12 to 24 inch depth. In the case of knifed-in or banded nitrogen applications, you will need to obtain 22 samples every 2 to 4 weeks. Make life easy for yourself and purchase our JMC Backsaver Handle with a 15 inch dry sampling tube to do the job.


  • PN001 (N-Tracker) JMC Backsaver Handle with Sampling Tube

    Fitted with an 15 inch JMC Sampling Tube, this handle allows you to gather soil samples down to 43 inches without bending over.