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PETG Copolyester Liners with Vinyl Caps

The clear plastic liners we sell are extruded from PETG Copolyester 6763. This plastic is a clear, amorphous polymer called polyethelene terephthalate glycol. In countless applications our liners have proven to be a stable, reliable, short-term storage medium for samples containing hydrocarbons and other commonly encountered soil contaminants.

We sell liners in "sets". Each set contains:

To save you money, sets of liners can be purchased in bulk.
See product descriptions for details.

  SKU Product Our price
SKU1027 PN153 Set of 15, PETG 36 inch Liners w/ Caps US$65.45
SKU20006 PN154 Set of 15, PETG 48 inch Liners w/ Caps US$68.90
SKU16456 PN434 Core Retainer Tool US$232.07