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PETG Copolyester Liners with Vinyl Caps

We sell clear plastic liners extruded from an amorphous polymer called polyethelene terephthalate glycol or PETG Copolyester 6763. This material exhibits excellent dimensional stability and chemical resistance in a wide range of conditions. In countless applications our liners have proven to be a stable, reliable, short-term storage medium for samples containing hydrocarbons and other commonly encountered soil contaminants.

We sell liners in "sets". Each set contains:

To save you money, sets of liners can be purchased in bulk at substantial savings.
See product descriptions for details.

  SKU Product Our price
SKU16159 PN047 Set of 15, PETG 12 inch Liners w/ Caps US$29.65
SKU19912 PN058 Set of 15, PETG 18 inch Liners w/ Caps US$42.55
SKU16456 PN434 Core Retainer Tool US$232.07