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PN001(PT/SM) JMC Backsaver Handle with Sampling Tube


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JMC Backsaver Handle with Special Cleaner

Don't risk serious injury to your back, hands, or wrists. Pull samples easily with our JMC Backsaver Handle. Fitted with an 18 inch JMC Sampling Tube, this handle allows you to gather soil samples down to 46 inches. No bending over - handgrip stays at waist level throughout the sampling procedure.

Picture above shows the JMC Backsaver Handle with an 18 inch Dry Sampling Tube. The included JMC Special Cleaner rests inside the leather pouch (also included) hanging from the technician’s belt.

How the JMC Backsaver Handle Works

Simply step down on the footpedal to plant your sampling tube. Then, bend your knees, grab the handgrip (now near waist level), and straighten your legs to lift the sampler out of the ground. Remove your sample with the JMC Special Cleaner and you are ready to sample again.

Insert the tube into the same hole in the ground. Step lightly on the footpedal to release the sliding rod inside the handle. Let 8 to 12 inches of the rod slide out of the handle. Then step down hard on the footpedal to lock the rod and drive the sampling tube further into the ground. When the tube is full (You can track depth by looking at the holes in the side of the Backsaver Handle), grab the handgrips and straighten your legs to lift the tube from the ground as you did before. When the handgrip gets too high, step lightly on the foot pedal and slide some of the rod back into the handle. Continue lifting the handgrips and adjusting the handle’s height as needed until the tube comes out of the ground. After cleaning the tube, either reenter the same hole for a deeper sample or move to a new site.

Our JMC Backsaver Handle fits a variety of soil sampling tubes. Each tube features a self-sharpening tip that pulls consistently good cores and outlasts common replaceable tips eight to one.

We have 4 kinds of tubes for this option.

  Wet Sampling Tubes.
Work best in soft, moist soils.
Core diameter is 0.688 inches.
  Dry Sampling Tubes.
Work best in hard, dry soils.
Core diameter is 0.75 inches.
(If you just want one tube, get one of these,)
  Ag Consultant's Sampling Tube
Same tip design as the Dry Tubes.
Core diameter is 0.56 inches.
  Large Diameter Sampling Tube
Same tip design as the Dry Tubes.
Core diameter is 1.2 inches.
Photo: JMC Wet and Dry Sampling Tubes
Pictured Above: Wet and Dry JMC Sampling Tubes.


  • All tubes feature hardened cutting tips, DOM high strength steel, and a protective electroless nickel-plated finish.
  • Handle also compatible with the JMC Zero Contamination Sampling Tubes.
  • JMC Special Cleaner rapidly removes soil core and prepares tube for next sample.
  • Footpedal offers extra leverage for penetrating hard ground.
  • Strong, lightweight, nickel-plated, steel tubing protects against rust and wear.
  • Optional Rod Extensions may be added for more depth capability.