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PN003 JMC Backsaver N-2 Handle with Special Cleaner


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JMC Backsaver N-2 Handle with Special Cleaner

Don't risk serious injury to your back, hands, or wrists. Pull samples easily with our JMC Backsaver N-2 Handle. Your best option for fast "plow layer" (12 to 18 inches) sampling.

Simply step down on the footpedal to plant your sampling tube. Then, grab the handgrip (now near waist level) and use your legs to lift the sampler out of the ground. You can clean your tube quickly for your next sample with the JMC Special Cleaner held in a leather pouch on your belt.

Picture at left shows JMC Backsaver N-2 Handle with an 18 inch Dry Sampling Tube. The JMC Special Cleaner is inside the leather pouch the technician is wearing. Both the the Special Cleaner and the leather pouch are included with the JMC Backsaver N-2 Handle.

What About Sampling Tubes?

Our JMC Backsaver N-2 Handle fits a variety of soil sampling tubes. Each tube features a self-sharpening tip that pulls consistently good cores and outlasts common replaceable tips eight to one.

   Sampling Tubes are sold Separately!
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We have 6 kinds of tubes for the JMC Backsaver N-2 Handle:
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Wet Sampling Tubes.
Work best in soft, moist soils. Core diameter is 0.688 inches.
Dry Sampling Tubes.
Work best in hard, dry soils. Core diameter is 0.75 inches.
(If you just want one tube, get one of these,)
Ag Consultant's Sampling Tube.
Same design as the Dry Tubes, but produces a core diameter of only 0.56 inches.
Large Diameter Sampling Tube.
Same design as the Dry Tubes, but produces a core diameter of 1.2 inches.
Zero Contamination Tube.
Gathers samples uncontaminated by surface debris encased in clear, replaceable, plastic liners. Samples measure 1.2 inches in diameter.
Concentric Sampling Tube
Gathers samples in plastic liners like the Zero Contamination Tube, but the samples measure 2 inches in diameter and 6 inches long. Also features a metal casing which can be left in the ground for later retrieval.

Note: While it is possible to add extensions to this handle, we recommend our JMC Backsaver Handle for those applications that require samples deeper than the length of your sampling tube.