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PN016 JMC T-Handle


1.12 lbs
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When you encounter particularly difficult soils, you may be forced to pound your sampling tube into the ground. When faced with this situation, we recommend our JMC T-Handle and a soft-faced, dead-blow hammer. The T-Handle easily withstands the pounding from a soft-faced mallet, but does not add significantly to the overall weight of your sampling kit.

The JMC T-Handle fits any sampling tube that will fit any of the JMC Backsaver Handles - Specifically:

(Click Here for a more complete sampling tube summary.)

Some options to consider

We recommend the a dead-blow mallet to reduce operator fatigue. The shot loaded, 1.75 pound mallet head does not bounce on impact.

By itself, the JMC T-Handle can only sample the length of your sampling tube. For deeper sampling, you will need one or more of our JMC Rod Extensions. Made from 1/2 inch diameter stressproof steel, these extensions offer the best combination of lightness and strength. They simply screw together as needed between your JMC T-Handle and your sampling tube. You may also want an extra extension or two to bring the T-Handle up to a convenient height for pounding.