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PN043 Footpedal for JMC Backsaver Handles


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Replacement footpedal for JMC Backsaver and Backsaver N-3 Handles.

Usually the first thing that wears out on the JMC Backsaver and JMC Backsaver N-3 Handles is the springloaded footpedal. The footpedal has a hole through which the sliding rod passes. As the hole gets worn away, the pedal has less ability to grip the sliding rod. If you notice your handle slipping when you step down hard on the footpedal, it is time to replace the footpedal.

Replacement is easy. You'll need a round hole punch about 3/16 inch in diameter, a small hammer, and a screwdriver.

  1. Poke out the roll pin found at the top of the sliding rod.
  2. Pull the rod out of the handle.
  3. Compress the spring with a screwdiver so you can pull the footpedal out of the handle.
  4. While keeping the spring compressed, insert the new footpedal.
  5. Pull out the screwdriver and push it into the hole in the footpedal. Wiggle it around to line up the spring with the hole.
  6. Insert the pushrod and replace the pin.

For your convenience, we include an extra roll pin with your replacement footpedal.

(Please Note: This footpedal will NOT fit the JMC Backsaver N-2 Handle.)