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PN044 Replacement Spring for JMC Backsaver Handle


0.04 lbs
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If you notice your Backsaver Handle slips when trying to pull a sample, your spring may not be producing enough force to cause the footpedal to grip the sliding rod. By simply replacing the spring (we include instructions), you can put yourself back in the field right away.

  1. Remove the roll pin found at the top of the rod with a small punch and hammer.
  2. Slide the rod out of the handle.
  3. Remove the footpedal and spring.
  4. Install the new spring and then the footpedal. (a screwdriver can help compress the spring).
  5. Slide in the replacement rod.
  6. Align the holes at the top of the rod and replace the roll pin.

If you notice the rod still slips, you will need to replace the footpedal too. See related products below.