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PN054 JMC 48 inch Dakota Probe


2.50 lbs
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The JMC Dakota Probe

A popular soil sampling device in (you guessed it) North and South Dakota, our JMC Dakota Probe pulls a really lo-o-ong, continuous sample for a hand operated probe. Best used in agricultural soils, this probe features a window milled into the side of the probe where you can view the entire sample at once. The window makes unloading the sample very easy too - especially with the optional JMC Special Cleaner. and JMC Cleaning Brush

  • Pulls a 48 inch sample.
  • Easy cleanup between samples with our JMC Special Cleaner and our JMC Cleaning Brush.
  • Self-sharpening cutting tip.
  • Nickel-plated, DOM high strength steel.
  • Also available in a 42 inch size.
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