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PN058 Set of 15, PETG 18 inch Liners w/ Caps


0.89 lbs
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Quantity Price
12-31 Sets US$31.90
32-63 Sets US$22.55
64+ Sets US$15.15


Replacement Liners for JMC 18 inch Zero Contamination Sampling Tubes*

We sell liners in "sets". Each set contains:

To save you money, sets of liners can be purchased in bulk. (See table below).

* These liners will also fit the sampling tube for the PN150 JMC Environmentalist's Sub-Soil Probe, but you will need to insert a PN232 18 inch Spacer (or for a 48 inch tube a PN231 12 inch Spacer with a PN232 18 inch Spacer) on top of the liner to fill the empty space.