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PN065(BB1) JMC 3" Quick Connect Clay Auger with Standard Handgrip


6.75 lbs
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Photo: JMC Quick Connect Standard Handgrip
Pictured Above: Our JMC Quick Connect, Standard Auger Handgrip
Photo: JMC Quick Connect 3 inch Professional Clay Auger
Pictured Above: Our JMC 3 inch Quick Connect, Professional Clay Auger

JMC Quick Connect Standard Auger Handgrip

JMC 3 inch Quick Connect Professional Clay Auger

Our JMC Quick Connect Professional Augers can sample to 30 feet in most soils. Each auger's precisely angled cutting blades pull the auger into the soil approximately 1 inch with every revolution of the handgrip. These blades cut a hole slightly larger than the auger barrel for easy retraction of the auger and sample. Remove the sample easily - just invert auger and thump handgrip on the ground. If the sample sticks, you can reach the sample easily through the windows laser-cut into the sides of the auger.

Note: Contrary to its name, the clay auger, and not our General Purpose Auger, is the most adaptable to the widest range of soil conditions.