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PN130 JMC Ag Consultant's Special Cleaner


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Stop! Don’t clean that tube with your bare hands. You don’t know where it’s been. Save yourself a world of trouble and clean your sampling tube with our JMC Ag Consultant's Special Cleaner.

  • Cleans JMC Ag Consultant's Sampling Tubes quickly and thoroughly.
  • Minimizes effort needed to extract samples.
  • Lubricates tube for easier sampling and corrosion resistance.
  • Keeps hands clean and uninjured.
  • Compatible with all items listed below in "Related Products".

Here's how the JMC Ag Consultant's Special Cleaner works:
Photo: JMC Special Cleaner clearing sampling trough Photo: JMC Special Cleaner removing soil plug
Step One: Clear the sampling tube's trough by inserting the large disc into the exposed sample and pulling along the length of the tube.
Step Two: Remove the plug of soil from the cutting tip by placing the smaller disc over the end of the plug and pulling on the handle of the Special Cleaner.
&nbspPhoto: JMC Special Cleaner oiling tube interior&nbsp
&nbspStep Three: After the sampling tube is clear of soil, apply a thin film of vegetable oil to both the inside and outside of the sampling tube. Your tube is now ready to take another sample.&nbsp