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PN138 JMC 5 Foot Tile Probe


2.00 lbs
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Words needed to fill up space. Photo: Tip detail
Words needed to fill up space.
Pictured Above: Close up of JMC Tile Probe penetrating tip.

For determining the location of buried tile drains, pipes, storage drums, rocks, and clay barriers, nothing beats the simplicity of a tile probe. The JMC Tile Probes will give you years of service. Our probes have no moving parts, fully welded construction, and a very durable nickel plating. The enlarged and sharpened tip of the probe penetrates most soils quite easily. Since the tip is larger than the body of the probe (which is only 3/8th inch in diameter), soil does not grip the length of the probe. Consequently, pulling the probe back out of the ground offers few challenges to the operator.

Our tile probe is also available in a 4 foot length.
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