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PN230 JMC Pin Ejection Tool


1.10 lbs
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The JMC Pin Ejection Tool removes crosspins quickly and easily from extensions for the JMC Environmentalist's Sub-Soil Probe and the JMC Environmentalist's Sub-Soil Probe Plus.

  • Prevent hand injuries.
  • Reduce chances of losing crosspins.
  • All metal parts nickel-plated to protect against rust and wear.

Here's how the JMC Pin Ejection Tool works:
Photo: JMC Pin Ejection Tool displacing crosspin. Photo: JMC Pin Ejection Tool removing pin.
Step One: Put the extension between the tool's jaws and sqeeze the handgrip. This pushes the pin out far enough to pop the ball plunger out of the pin's groove, but not far enough to let the pin fall to the ground.
Step Two: Use the smaller jaws to grip the protruding pin. Clamp the jaws shut and remove the pin from the extension. To avoid losing the pin, keep the jaws clamped until you're ready to reinsert the pin.
&nbspPhoto: JMC Pin Ejection Tool tapping pin back into crosshole.&nbsp
Step Three: After reinserting the pin into the hole, unclamp the jaws and tap the pin into place with the backside of the tool.