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PN400 JMC 2 by 6 inch Concentric Sampling Tube


6.50 lbs
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Our JMC Concentric Sampling Tube captures 2-inch diameter by 6-inch long samples in clear, PETG copolyester plastic liners from the first 6 inches of topsoil. A metal casing to remains in the ground as the sampling tube is withdrawn. Best of all, with an additional tube - like our JMC Zero Contamination Tube, JMC ESP Sampling Tube, or JMC ESP Plus Sampling Tube - samples can be pulled from below the metal casing through the 2 by 6-inch cavity with minimal cross strata contamination. Ultra-sensitive soil dissipation studies are a breeze with this equipment!

Sampling tube can be used without the casing. 2 by 6 inch samples can be pulled from most any depth your probe handle and extensions can reach.

Depending on which probe handle you use, you may need an adapter. (See table below;)

Handle Description Adapter Needed
JMC Backsaver Handles, JMC Conventional Handle, JMC T-Handle None
JMC Environmentalist’s Sub-Soil Probe PN410
JMC Environmentalist’s Sub-Soil Probe Plus PN457
JMC Professional Auger Threaded Extension or Handgrip PN110
JMC Professional Auger Quick Connect Extension or Handgrip PN068

If needed, be sure to select the correct adapter below when you order this sampling tube.