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PN473 JMC Environmental Fate Deluxe Sampling System


40.00 lbs
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The JMC Environmental Fate Sampler takes a 6 inch diameter by 2 inch deep sample. Compatible with the JMC Environmentalist Sub-Soil Probe or any hydraulic soil probe, the JMC Environmental Fate Sampler maximizes recovery of surface applied chemicals on day zero and greatly reduces surface contamination risk to subsequent samples.

Here's how the JMC Environmental Fate Sampler works:

Photo: Inserting Sampler into Casing.Photo: Assembled Sampler with Casing
Step One: Slide the sampler inside the casing. (Here you can see the cross blades inside the sampler.)

Photo: Cover Sampler with drive cap.

Photo: Sampler placed on ground.
Step Two: Cover Sampler and Casing with the drive cap. Then position sampler assembly on the ground.

Photo: Pushing Sampler into ground.
Step Three: Use the JMC Environmentalist's Sub-Soil Probe or hydraulic probe to push the sampler into the ground. (This picture shows a hydraulic sampler in use.)

Photo: Shearing Sample.

Photo: Removing Sample from ground.
Step Four: Remove the Drive Cap. Rotate the Sampler inside the Casing about 90 degrees to shear off the sample.
Step Five: Remove the Sampler (and sample) from the Casing with an JMC Auger Extension and Handgrip.

Photo: Bag Holder.

Photo: Sampler inverted on bag holder.
Step Six: Invert the sampler over the bag holder. Fill the bag by pushing the sample out of the sampler.

Typically, the casing remains in the ground after the surface sample (and sampler) have been removed. Deeper samples may be extracted from inside the casing with other sampling devices (like our JMC Environmentalist's Sub-Soil Probe). The raised collar around the casing's perimeter protects the excavation from any surface debris dislodged by wayward feet or wind. When ready to remove the casing from the ground, simply attach the included JMC Quick Connect Auger Extension and Handgrip and pull.


The JMC Environmental Fate Deluxe Sampling System includes: