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Soil Bulk Density Sampling

Soil Bulk Density Sampling

For the most accurate samples possible, you need a device that collects uncompacted samples without mixing material from other stratas. We have two solutions.

Option One:
   JMC Backsaver Handle
with JMC Zero Contamination Sampling Tube($633-$706)

  • Samples to 46 inches with an 18 inch tube.
  • Sample diameter is 0.8 inches.
  • Samples contained in removeable PETG Copolyester Liners.
  • Footpedal offers extra leverage for penetrating ground.

Option Two:
   JMC Environmentalist’s Sub-Soil Probe ($2520-$7500)

  • Samples every soil that CAN be sampled by a hand operated device.
  • Samples to 20 feet or more with extensions.
  • Sample diameters: 0.8 or 1.2 inches.
  • Sampling tube driven by manual or electric hammer.
  • Sample retrieved with foot operated jack.

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