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If you need a short sample and would rather not cut a filled liner in the field (and deal with disposing of the contaminated sample and plastic), you should consider using a spacer. Spacers allow you to use a short liner in place of a longer liner. The spacer keeps the short liner stationary during the sampling procedure. For example, if your sampler usually requires a 36 inch liner, you can use a 12 inch liner with a 24 inch spacer instead. Just remember the liner goes on the bottom and the spacer goes on top!

  SKU Product Our price
SKU22966 PN460 - 12 inch spacer for ESP Plus Tubes US$21.47
SKU26619 PN461 - 18 inch spacer for ESP Plus Tubes US$26.58
SKU26689 PN462 - 24 inch spacer for ESP Plus Tubes US$31.71
SKU26871 PN463 - 36 inch spacer for ESP Plus Tubes US$41.95