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PN017 Dead Blow Mallet

PN017 Dead Blow Mallet

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When you encounter particularly difficult soils, you may be forced to pound your sampling tube into the ground. Whatever you do, don’t resort to a metal sledge hammer! Your JMC equipment is not designed to withstand that kind of abuse. When faced with hard ground conditions, we recommend our soft-faced, dead-blow hammer.

Our soft-faced, dead-blow hammer won’t damage your JMC T-Handle or JMC Driveable Auger Handgrip. The 1.75 pound, shot-loaded head delivers 30% more striking power than ordinary mallets. It also absorbs shocks, reducing operator fatigue.

Reminder: This hammer should only be used on the JMC T-Handle or JMC Driveable Auger Handgrips. All other JMC Handles have hollow handgrips which will collapse if struck repeatedly with this or any other mallet.
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    Threads together in any combination with our 13 and 26 inch Rod Extensions (The picture shows both). Compatible with Backsaver, "T", and Conventional Handles. Also fits most JMC Sampling Tubes.
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  • PN016 JMC T-Handle

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    • Fits all JMC Rod Extensions and Sampling Tubes.
    • (Sampling Tubes sold separately.)

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