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Soil Dissipation Studies

Soil Dissipation Studies

Improve sample accuracy by excluding surface debris from your samples. We offer two options. Both follow the same procedure:

  1. Sample the first few inches of topsoil with the JMC 2x6 Concentric Sampling Tube or JMC Environmental Fate Sampler leaving its reusuable casing in the ground.
  2. Vacuum the cavity to remove any loose soil.
  3. Sample through the casing with the JMC Backsaver Handle fitted with a JMC Zero Contamination Tube or the JMC Environmentalist’s Sub-Soil Probe.
  4. Retrieve the casing.
  5. Decontaminate the equipment.
  6. Move on to the next site.

Option One:
   JMC Backsaver Handle with a
   JMC 2 x 6 inch Concentric Sampling Tube and a
   JMC Zero Contamination Tube ($1282-$1355)

  • Samples to 46 inches with an 18 inch tube.
  • Footpedal offers extra leverage for penetrating ground.
  • Topsoil sample measures 2 inches in diameter by 6 inches deep.
  • Deeper samples measure 0.8 inches in diameter
  • All samples captured in clear, PETG Copolyester liners.

Option Two:
   JMC Environmentalist’s Sub-Soil Probe with a
   JMC 2 x 6 inch Concentric Sampler or a
   JMC Environmental Fate Sampler($3750-$9750)

  • Samples every soil that CAN be sampled by a hand operated device.
  • Samples to 20 feet or more with extensions.
  • Sampling tube driven by manual or electric hammer.
  • Sample retrieved with foot operated jack.
  • Topsoil sample diameters: 2 or 6 inches
  • Deep sample diameters: 0.8 or 1.2 inches.
  • All samples (except 6 inch diameter) captured in clear, PETG Copolyester liners.