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PN073 JMC 2 inch Professional Clay Auger

PN073 JMC 2 inch Professional Clay Auger

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Our JMC Professional Augers can sample to 30 feet in most soils. Each auger's precisely angled cutting blades pull the auger into the soil approximately 1 inch with every revolution of the handgrip. These blades cut a hole slightly larger than the auger barrel for easy retraction of the auger and sample. Sample removes easily from auger - just invert auger and thump handgrip on the ground.

  • 2 inch Augers cut 2.25 inch diameter holes.
  • Auger body laser cut from 1/8" DOM steel tubing.
  • Nickel-plated to protect against rust and wear.
  • Heat treated cutting blades coated with hard-surfacing material for increased durability.
  • Augers fit all threaded connection JMC Auger Handgrips and JMC Auger Extensions.
    Special Note: If you want only one auger for a variety of sampling conditions, we recommend the JMC Clay Auger rather than the JMC General Purpose Auger. Contrary to its name, the clay auger is the most adaptable to the widest range of soil. conditions.
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Customer Reviews

I have used the 2" and 3" professional clay auger for over 30 years. They are very well built and still cut through clays, loams, and loamy sands. On rare occasions, in non-cohesive (dry) sand, I have switched to the general purpose or sand auger to prevent material from falling out.
The rounded shoulders at the top of the auger makes it easier to pull out in gravelly soils better than all other makes. The shaft and handle is also the most durable made. I have broken only 1 shaft in 30 years by constantly beating the auger on the ground or stumps to remove soil. The best way is to remove clay is to use a stout knife blade.

Thomas Fait

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