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Auger System(Clay): Step 1

Auger System(Clay): Step 1

Auger System(Clay)
Step 1: Quick-Connect or Threaded Connections?

Sampling with an auger can be time consuming. The deeper you go the more time you spend disconnecting and reconnecting your extensions and augers. Anything that can shave a few minutes off the procedure is worth considering.

If you regularly sample below 6 feet, our Quick Connect system can save you loads of time.

  • No tools required!
  • Components snap together.
  • Disconnect at the touch of a button.

The Threaded Connections, on the other hand:

  • are less expensive.
  • contain no moving parts.
  • feature a standard 7/8" NC thread
  • require you to carry around two wrenches to unscrew tight connections.

Clay Auger with Handgrip (required)