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JMC 3 inch Professional Clay Auger with Handgrip and Extension

JMC 3 inch Professional Clay Auger with Handgrip and Extension

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This option contains three pieces: The JMC Auger Handgrip, The JMC 34 inch extension, and the JMC 3 inch Professional Clay Auger. All three pieces screw together to form a durable soil auger that can sample a wide variety of soils. With additional extensions, the JMC Professional Clay Auger can sample to 30 feet in most soils. Precisely angled cutting blades pull the auger into the soil approximately 1 inch with every revolution of the handgrip. These blades cut a hole slightly larger than the auger barrel for easy retraction of the auger and sample. Sample removes easily from the auger - just invert the auger and thump the handgrip on the ground.

    JMC Auger Handgrip:
  • Rounded ends provides comfortable grip.
  • Wide, plated threads screw easily into auger or extensions
  • Rubber gasket prevents components from screwing too tightly together. Can be removed if desired.
    Note: This Auger Handgrip should NOT be struck with a mallet. For applications where a mallet may be required, please use the PN111 JMC Driveable Auger Handgrip.(See Related Products list below.)

    JMC 34 inch Auger Extension:
  • Same wide, plated thread as other components.
  • Rubber gasket prevents components from screwing too tightly together. Can be removed if desired.
  • Easy to add or remove from sampling system as required with common wrenches.
  • Additional extensions available (See Related Product List below).

    JMC 3 inch Professional Clay Auger:
  • Cuts a 3.25 inch diameter hole.
  • Auger body laser cut from 1/8" DOM steel tubing.
  • Heat treated cutting blades coated with hard-surfacing material for increased durability.

Built to withstand serious field use, all three components are nickel-plated to protect against rust and wear. They are compatible with all other JMC Threaded Auger components.

Special Note: Augers for sampling mud, dry, or sandy soils available separately. See Related Product List below for details.

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    • Reduces operator fatigue.
    • Punches through frozen and compacted soils.
    • Drills through concrete with optional carbide bit.
    • Slips easily onto JMC ESP sampling tubes or extensions with proprietary adapter.
    • Runs on standard AC current or 1600 watt electric generator.
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    • Self-sharpening cutting tip
    • Nickel-plated, DOM high strength steel.
  • PN150 JMC Environmentalist's Sub-Soil Probe

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