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PN054 JMC 48 inch Dakota Probe

PN054 JMC 48 inch Dakota Probe

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Special Cleaner Option
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Product Description

The JMC Dakota Probe

A popular soil sampling device in (you guessed it) North and South Dakota, our JMC Dakota Probe pulls a really lo-o-ong, continuous sample for a hand operated probe. Best used in agricultural soils, this probe features a window milled into the side of the probe where you can view the entire sample at once. The window makes unloading the sample very easy too - especially with the optional JMC Special Cleaner. and JMC Cleaning Brush

  • Pulls a 48 inch sample.
  • Easy cleanup between samples with our JMC Special Cleaner and our JMC Cleaning Brush.
  • Self-sharpening cutting tip.
  • Nickel-plated, DOM high strength steel.
  • Also available in a 42 inch size.
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  • PN139 JMC 42 inch Dakota Probe

    • Pulls a 42 inch sample.
    • Self-sharpening cutting tip
    • Nickel-plated, DOM high strength steel.
  • PN011 JMC 18 inch Dry Sampling Tube

    Works well in hard, dry soils. Sample core measures 15 inches long by 0.75 inches diameter.
  • PN005 JMC 13 inch Rod Extension

    Threads together in any combination with our 13 and 26 inch Rod Extensions (The picture shows both). Compatible with Backsaver, "T", and Conventional Handles. Also fits most JMC Sampling Tubes.
  • PN016 JMC T-Handle

    • Handgrip withstands pounding from a soft-faced mallet for penetrating hard ground.
    • Fits all JMC Rod Extensions and Sampling Tubes.
    • (Sampling Tubes sold separately.)
  • PN131 JMC Cleaning Brush

    This brush works well for removing particles of soil and other debris from JMC Sampling Tubes, JMC Augers and the JMC Environmental Fate Sampler.


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