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PN138 JMC 5 Foot Tile Probe

PN138 JMC 5 Foot Tile Probe

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Words needed to fill up space. Photo: Tip detail
Words needed to fill up space.
Pictured Above: Close up of JMC Tile Probe penetrating tip.

For determining the location of buried tile drains, pipes, storage drums, rocks, and clay barriers, nothing beats the simplicity of a tile probe. The JMC Tile Probes will give you years of service. Our probes have no moving parts, fully welded construction, and a very durable nickel plating. The enlarged and sharpened tip of the probe penetrates most soils quite easily. Since the tip is larger than the body of the probe (which is only 3/8th inch in diameter), soil does not grip the length of the probe. Consequently, pulling the probe back out of the ground offers few challenges to the operator.

Our tile probe is also available in a 4 foot length.
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  • PN137 JMC 4 Foot Tile Probe

    For determining the location of buried tile drains, pipes, storage drums, rocks and clay barriers

    • Easy ground penetration and retraction
    • Nickle-plated steel construction
    • No moving parts
  • PN429 JMC ESP Plus Regular Extension

    This extension lets you sample three feet deeper provided you have a ESP Plus Sampling Tube and a JMC ESP Plus Master Extension. Regular extensions connect to each other for additional sampling depth capability.
  • PN175 Solid Point for JMC ESP Sampling Tubes

    Use our solid tip instead of a cutting tip to plunge to desired depth without filling the sampling tube. Useful for creating small diameter monitoring wells or limiting sample debris.
  • PN026 JMC 34 inch Auger Extension (Threaded Connection)

    Fits all threaded connection Auger Extensions as well as all threaded connection JMC Handgrips and Augers.
  • PN070 JMC 3 inch Professional Clay Auger

    In spite of its name, the Clay Auger will sample the widest variety of soils. Good for most soils between dry sand and wet mud. Fits all threaded connection JMC Professional Auger components.
  • PN400 JMC 2 by 6 inch Concentric Sampling Tube

    Developed for soil dissipation studies, but can be used like any of our sampling tubes. Sampling tube fills a plastic liner 2 inches in diameter by 6 inches long. Best for shallow sampling applications, this tube fits most of our JMC sampling devices, but may require an adapter.

  • PN068 Quick-Connect Auger to Sampling Tube Adapter (QC to 1/2")

    Adapter lets you use JMC Sampling Tubes with JMC Quick-Connect Auger Extensions and Handgrips.
  • PN044 Replacement Spring for JMC Backsaver Handle

    Replacement spring for PN001 JMC Backsaver or PN002 JMC Backsaver N-3 Handle

    This spring does not fit the PN003 JMC Backsaver N-2 Handles.

  • PN162 Guide Rod for ESP and ESP Plus

    Threaded Guide Rod fits manual sliding hammer for both the JMC Environmentalist's Sub-Soil Probe (0.8 inch diameter sampler) and the JMC Environmentalist's Sub-Soil Probe Plus (1.2 inch diameter sampler).

  • PN434 Core Retainer Tool

    Easy to use hand tool for modifying plastic liners to retain slippery samples like sludge and sand.

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