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PN014 JMC 12 inch Zero Contamination Sampling Tube

PN014 JMC 12 inch Zero Contamination Sampling Tube

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Product Description

Our JMC 12 inch Zero Contamination Tube allows you to gather undisturbed soil samples encased in removeable PETG Copolyester liners.

  • Samples measure 0.8 inches in diameter by 12 inches long.
  • Tube isolates sample from surrounding soil while being lifted out of the ground.
  • Vinyl caps seal sample inside liner during transit to your lab.
  • Includes 15 PETG Copolyester liners, 15 black vinyl caps and 15 red vinyl caps.
  • Extra liners available in bulk. (See listing for PN047 in Related Product list below.)
  • Pull pin can be used in place of straight pin for quicker "plow layer" sampling.

PN014 Includes:

  • 12" Zero Contamination Sampling Tube Body and Socket
  • Straight Pin for connecting Body and Socket
  • Pull Pin (see picture at left) for connecting Body and Socket
  • 15 PETG Copolyester Liners
  • 15 Red Vinyl Caps
  • 15 Black Vinyl Caps
Loading a liner into the JMC Zero Contamination Sampling Tube

Pictured above: Loading a liner into the JMC Zero Contamination Sampling Tube.

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  • PN047 Set of 15, PETG 12 inch Liners w/ Caps

    Replacement liners for JMC 12 inch Zero Contamination Sampling Tubes available at lower prices when purchased in larger quantities. Click on details for more information.
  • PN056 12 inch Stainless Steel Liner (0.8 sample diameter) with 2 Vinyl Caps

    Stainless steel liner 12" long. Although made for the JMC 12" Zero Contamination Tube, these liners will also fit the JMC Environmentalist's Sub-Soil Probe and the JMC 18 inch Zero Contamination Tube when used with Spacers.

  • PN238 - 6 inch spacer for ESP and Zero Contamination Tubes

    This reusable spacer allows you to fit a 12 inch liner into an 18 inch Zero Contamination Tube. It would also fill the empty space in a 36 inch ESP Sampling containing one 12 inch and one 18 inch liner.

    Remember the spacer sits on TOP of the PETG Copolyester or Stainless Steel liners inside your sampling tube.

  • PN016 JMC T-Handle

    • Handgrip withstands pounding from a soft-faced mallet for penetrating hard ground.
    • Fits all JMC Rod Extensions and Sampling Tubes.
    • (Sampling Tubes sold separately.)

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